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Contact Force Representation with Grid Point Force

Hello Experts,


as already discussed GRID POINT FORCES at one grid point consists of different parts building a force-equilibrium at grid point made of

- elastic behavior of elements connected with grid point (Grid point force - element nodal),

- reaction forces of restrains at grid point (Grid point reaction force),

- loads applied onto grid point (Grid point applied force),

- ...


Here my question:

If I have a contact structure, where can I find the representatives of the contact forces in the bulk of those grid point forces? - I did expect finding it in "Grid point applied force" as a contact is created by adapting contact forces in contact areas to have no penetration between.

But "Grid point applied force" is zero in my contact area.


I try to identify all loads in a cutting section containing a contact surface.


Who can help?

Best wishes, Michael


Betreff: Contact Force Representation with Grid Point Force



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Best wishes, Michael