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Contact with penetration offset and Option set2zero

Hello Experts,


what happens if I define a contact region of two 3D solids with cylindrical contact surfaces and try to build up a shrinked connection (shrink fit) with an offset of +0.5 mm at one surface (initial diameters of both surfaces are equal) and a contact parameter option in case control section


Initial penetration / gap (INIPENE): Set to Zero


Will these settings collide or conflict?

Is initial penetration only relevant for the real geometric surface ignoring the region offset at that stage?

Is the region offset active only after analyzing the initial penetration and correcting grid point position?


Any suggestions will help. Best wishes, Michael

Accepted by topic author MiDi1791
‎11-11-2016 04:44 PM

Re: Contact with penetration offset and Option set2zero

These parameters will not conflict. INIPENE will remove any gaps or penetration that are due to mesh discretazion, creating a perfect match with no gap/penetration.


The OFFSET value is then applied from that condition. The resulting offset in the pair comes only from the OFFSET value and not from the mesh.

Re: Contact with penetration offset and Option set2zero



thank you for answering. I'm really relieved hearing it. Second good news at the same day ;-)