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Conversion of Thermal Profile to Power profile

I am currently working on a student satellite project. I am using your software
Siemens NX 10.0 Space Systems Thermal to model the temperature
fluctuations on-board the spacecraft during its orbit. 

To gain a better understanding of how each spacecraft component
dissipates heat, we wish to create a thermal map of the temperature
distribution in each component by testing each component under a
thermal camera. We then wish to import this thermal map/temperature
data into NX Space Systems Thermal and create the power dissipation
profile for each component. Each component would be heat load on the

My question is this: Is Siemens NX 10 capable of importing a thermal
map/temperature profile and convert this information into a map of
power dissipation. If so, how should I do this?


Thank you. 


Re: Conversion of Thermal Profile to Power profile



A temperature constraint can be applied to the NX SST model by pointing to a spatial field in an external file. I would think that you would need to solve a conduction problem then to obtain the power, which can be done by constraining the model appropriately.