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Correlation of test data

I have an experimental test data in unv format, when i import this file in nx by File->Import the test data is getting imported.but when import in New Test Reference Solution the data is not getting importing.

From help i downloaded a file related to correlation_airplane.  there it is importing in New Test Reference Solution. then i have open the UNV file, in that i found a difference that in my file it starts with -1 and 58 but the help file is starting from -1 and 151.

weather this the problem of format if it is so how to over come that.



Re: Correlation of test data



151 is a header dataset and is not the issue. Dataset 58 contains FRFs, which are supported by NX Correlation. However, all NX does is send them to the functions navigator for plotting.

To use the full breadth of correlation tools, you will need the unv files containing the following datasets;


1. Mode shapes, dataset 55. This needs to be imported as the Modes File in the new test reference solution dialog.

2. Geometry, datasets shown below. Needs to be imported as the Geometry File in the new test reference solution dialog.


Now I think that if your file contains all these datasets, you only need to select it once in the UI, but I have not tried that.


I hope this helps,









  • Nodes: 15, 781, or 2411

  • These datasets are optional to perform a correlation, but the shell element or traceline datasets are required for viewing the test mesh:

    • Units: 164

    • Coordinate Systems: 18 or 2420

    • Elements (3 and 4 node shells, beams): 2412. See Accepted element types for specific element types that the software supports.

    • Tracelines: 82, 2431, or 2416

Philippe Tremblay

Re: Correlation of test data

Dear Philippe Tremblay


Sorry for the late response,


After going through your reply i found that in our UNV file there is no mode shape data was there, so i was trying to get that data from the experimental system. but in that system there is no such features to extract the mode shape. this lead me to use the other system, the the UNV file has all the three in one file(Geometry, Mode shape & FRF data). I thought this will solve the problem but when i imported to the NX the same problem persist. that is the geometry and the model frequencies are not getting imported but the FRF data is importing in to the graph window .


I am attaching the file for your reference.


Plz go through the file and help me to solve the problem.


Thank you


Re: Correlation of test data



There are 2 problems with this file:


1. There are no elements connecting the nodes. These could be as simple as trace lines.

2. Two of the shape records (for modes 2 and 3) are frequency responses: NX does not know what to do with these. It can however handle the remaining shapes, which are of type complex eigenvalue.


Can you generate connections between the nodes, and can you verify the type of shape data that is begin exported?



Philippe Tremblay