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Damping in Sol601,129

Hello Everyone,

I am using NX

I am currently doing an assembly drop test of a DVD player, with foam cushion and carton box, using Sol601,129. I found that damping is very important to damp out the drop impact. At first, I tried to set the static friction in surface to surface contact definition. However, I found that the convergence is an issue especially for simulation model with a lot of contact definition (currently i have 36 definitions). So now I am trying to set Rayleigh damping. I am using an trial and error value now for Rayleigh damping, which i am not confident with it. Now the analysis does converge, but i don't know how to explain my damping setting.

Does anyone has experience on assembly drop test using sol601,129. How do you set the damping? Thanks and appreciate for your sharing.

Best regards,


Re: Damping in Sol601,129

It's a pity that "CAE strategic" questions like Rayleigh Damping for Advanced Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis (SOL601,129) remains NOT ANSWERED at all, I invite everybody to share, also I encourage GTAC people to share knowledge, there are very, very expert technical people under SIEMENS PLM CAE team, then please help us -- thanks!.
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