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Deleting Subcase Results in OP2


Hello Experts,


is it possible to erase the result values of a subcase in an already solved OP2-File?


I have a simulation in NX 8.5.2 with multiple subcases of a contact problem in one simulation solution and some of them didn't converge.

The solving time is really large and therefore I did clone the simulation solution and did delete the load cases which are correctly solved and did recalculate the not converged subcases alone. Now I have two simulation solutions with the same subcases solved twice.


Can I erase the subcases solved incorrectly from the first OP2-file without destroying the results of the subcases solved correctly? - I believe that deleting the subcases in the first simulation solution will ether destroy my OP2-file completely or doesn't have an effect and I or other colleagues can use the wrong subcase results unintended.


Any suggestion is welcome.

Best wishes, Michael


Re: Deleting Subcase Results in OP2

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Nobody has replied yet, so... I've never heard of any software that can edit an OP2 file. One expert here thought it might be possible to write a new OP2 from an existing one via DMAP, but then backed off on that thought because he didn't believe there would be a way to pick/choose which subcase results to keep, and which to remove.




Re: Deleting Subcase Results in OP2




thank you for answering.

After thinking about the problem I thought already that there will be no way for doing what I wanted to do. So here is my workaround: I rename the subcases which I don't want to use in "WRONG_LC***" in my simulation file. And that new name is overwriting the old one in the OP2 file as long as I open the SIM before using the results.


So I have a MARKER in header of post processor if using the wrong subcase.


I think, more cannot be done.

Best wishes, Michael