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Direction dialog in the force window is gone



I am using NX9, version 9.0.3 MP06. For a while now I am missing the dialog for the force direction. I know that the availible boundary conditions depent on the solver selected, but I am doing just a simple 101 linear thing. When I want to define a force, I can not define its direction any more. When I open the same file with NX10 the dialog is complete?



For this time I can use the "normal" option and negative forces as workaround, but still, where is the dialog?


Any sugesstions?



Accepted by topic author JonkMcCool
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Direction dialog in the force window is gone

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You've got the dialog in a custom state. RMB on the Dialog Options button in the extreme upper left corner. Use "Show Collapsed Groups" and/or Force(more) to enable all of the groups.


Custom state:



Full state:


Re: Direction dialog in the force window is gone

Thank you,


I don't know why it was hidden in my settings. In my oppinion the option "direction" should not be able to be hidden in a dialog that is called "direction and magnitude" in the first place. But that is only my point of view :-)


Anyhow, thank you for your help!