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Edge to Surfaca Contact



Is there an option to define edge to surface contact for shell meshes (imagine a T like contact situation) ? You have this option for GLUE, but as I see NX Nastran does not offer such contact option.






Re: Edge to Surfaca Contact

You are correct in the context of edge-surface glue not having a general contact equivalent. Edge-edge contact exists, but that assumes that the 2D elements are very close to being in the same plane. There is a general surface-surface contact too, but that doesn't apply to your situation.


SOL 601 advanced non-linear does support node to surface contact. Don't take my word for it that it solves your problem, but I think it is worth reviewing the documentation and testing if it sounds promising. I believe you can set this up as surface to surface contact, but the source side is really reduced to nodes. Your edge elements would be the source in a surface to surface contact pair. Or maybe a better NX Nastran user can confirm that it can properly model shell edge to surface contact with its node to surface contact capabilities.




Re: Edge to Surfaca Contact

Thank you Mark, let me review and try this, then I will let you know the outcome.