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Error in sol601 solver

Hi,I am trying to do non-linear analysis of sector of shaft, but it is showing me the following error. Can anyone tell me what is the reason for the following error.



Re: Error in sol601 solver

The input deck needs to contain the following line to assign the .op2 file used to transfer data between nastran.exe and advnlin.exe:


ASSIGN OUTPUT2='advnlin.op2',NEW,UNIT=21


If you are defining the solution in NX, this line should be written automatically.

Re: Error in sol601 solver

Still i have facing the same issue. When I tried Sol106 it is giving me the result but when I used Sol601 I have getting the following error. 

Re: Error in sol601 solver

This is not the same issue. The first issue was that advnlin.op2 was not defined with an assign statment. You have apparently fixed that issue and have now proceeded further.


The current message you show indicates that the model contains a creep material (CREEP) and temperature loads, but you have not specified temperature dependent creep data (MATTC). You either need to supply temperature dependent creep data (MATTC) or remove the creep material data (CREEP).

Re: Error in sol601 solver

Can you please tell me how should I specify the temperature dependent creep data (MATTC) in SOL601.

Please send me the screen shot if possible.