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Explicit adv non-linear SOL701 examples

Hi fellas,


1) could anyone let us know what they find better from SOL701 compared to let's say Abacus or LS-DYNA?


2) We are looking at available resources to support our dev in the field of simulation and barely can find documentation and/or examples for Simcenter 3d/NX Nastran - SOL701. In contrast to the wealthty library of demo and docs from other vendors, this makes our decision quite difficult. We'd prefer staying with Siemens on the Simulation side however things are not looking good right now.


We can't even find example data cards, test cases, or anything related to 701. Perhaps I am not looking at the right place? Our var offered to help us out but slipped out twice already, not sure what to make of this.


We'd like to take advantage of mat rupture; anyone have any test cases whether in basic or complex format that can be shared here for SOL701?


Thank you



Accepted by topic author CWilson
‎05-23-2017 03:30 PM

Re: Explicit adv non-linear SOL701 examples

Here are a few examples

Re: Explicit adv non-linear SOL701 examples

Well that is more than what we asked for. Nice one, Jim, much appreciated.


I'm at HQ tomorrow afternoon and will import those in and see how far we get. Hopefully this will work out just the way we anticipated from the start i.e  staying with Siemens on the sim side.


Let you know how it went. Thanks again



Re: Explicit adv non-linear SOL701 examples

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Hi Jim


Just back from hq where I had the opportunity to run those in. Fairly impressive and exactly what we were looking for, at least for one of our product line. SOLD!

We already make great use of the 101 and 103 for most of what we do. Time to get the adv add-on I'm affraid.

I'm loving those zero-gravity blocks! Although the Jr team in the back office prefered searching online for caliber/ballistic properties, testing out mat/SSC and thickness with your other examples. How productive!

PS: passed on the examples to our var here. That was quite a moment lol