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Export and Simplify an Assembly FEM

I have an assembly FEM made from other FEMs and Assembly FEMs. Although the model is not that large it is made of many FEMs each containing a few elements. The model is useful because the design can be easily modified by changing parameters.

However, the model takes about 10 minutes to open. I know a similar model, made in one FEM, only takes seconds to open. Is there a way to export the model as a single file, cutting all ties to its creation and therefore making it open faster?

Thanks for your help,




Re: Export and Simplify an Assembly FEM

You could write out a solver input deck, then import that input file into a new NX part.

Re: Export and Simplify an Assembly FEM

Thanks Jim,

This kind of works. The mesh is generated, but some properties are lost.

  • Groups no longer contain nodes
  • Mesh optical properties are lost
  • 1D element cross sections are converted to squares of the same area
  • Some material properties are missing e.g. specific heat.
  • Mesh colours are lost

I also tried copying all elements and deleting the original component FEMs, but for larger models this take s too long. It also has some of the same drawback such as material and colour loss.

Can you think of any other way to do this?