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Failure in results after taking features as variables.

I am new to NX Optimization and have been facing lots of issues with it.
It gives good results for simple shapes but fails whenever I try to run it on my part(engine mount bracket), when features are taken as variables. It also sometimes gives vague results. However, it works fine(most of the times) after taking Synchronous Modelling tools as variables.
Even in that, sometimes it shows the constraint value as zero(PFA).
Also please guide me as to how can the sketch dimensions be used as variables.

Accepted by topic author PRAFCHA
‎02-18-2016 04:17 AM

Re: Failure in results after taking features as variables.

Without exact model it will be hard to help.

But for good start, check whether your constraints and loads in analysis are applied to the geometry, in each iteration step the mesh is beeing modified, so the constraints applied to the nodes/elements are not taken into account in next iteration steps. These need to be associated to the geometry. The same with result measures, samples after each iteration steps need to be taken from the nodes / elements associated to the geometry. In each iteration step elements and nodes created on certain geometry have different ID's. It's important.

With reference to the sketch variables: first in sketch you need to have driving (not reference) dimensions. In Optimization setup just click as shown below, and you are done Smiley Happy




later you can specify the exact dimension that you want to use as variable and define a limits for them.

Good luck !Smiley Happy


Re: Failure in results after taking features as variables.


Thanks for the reply.

But as per your guidance, I am unable to associate the constraints and loads  of analysis to the geometry. However, as I stated earlier it works fine only with synchronous modelling tools but when it comes to features, the results shown are most often vague. Also I am unable to add sketch(lines, curves etc.) as variables. 

Moreover, the dimensions are 'driving' by default, so there are no issues with that.


Kind Regards,

Prafull Chandra

Re: Failure in results after taking features as variables.

Also, please tell me when does the tool shows 'internal error'?

While executing, the tool sometimes displays 'internal error' and the part dissapears from the screen!