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Forge Simulation



I would like to know if is it possible to do a forge simulation, and if it is... how to do it? 

What should be considered? 


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Re: Forge Simulation

It's probably something SOL601 can deal with...

Re: Forge Simulation

I am a Siemens PLM employee and I can confirm that with NX Nastran SOL601 forging can be simulated up to a certain degree of complexity. For large degrees of deformation or cutting, more specialist simulation tools like LS Dyna have forging specific features. 


These forging-specific simulation features can include... 

  • Eulerian description of material flow over element borders to capture large deformations
  • fully coupled thermal-mechanical analysis that converts the strain rate into heat
  • forging specific material laws including deformation-induced anisotropy
  • ….

Simcenter Engineering Desktop writes the input deck for LS-Dyna. So the question is not if Simcenter 3D can simulate forging, but if the forging simulation with Simcenter Engineering Desktop uses Siemens PLM proprietary solvers or teams up with third party products. In any case, the associativity from CAD to the input file is maintained throughout the simulation iterations when using Simcenter Engineering Desktop.


Hope this was helpful - happy to follow up!



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Re: Forge Simulation

Dear Martin,


My customer ask me about forging analysis tool.

As your suggest NX Nastran SOL601 can do this,

but unfortunetly, I didn't find it in the siemens portal.

Can you inform me how to find this modul and brosur?

Thank you





Re: Forge Simulation

Hello dadang,


please have a look into the "Nonlinear Analysis" section at


There you can also download the "NX Nastran Advanced Nonlinear – Solution 601/701 Fact Sheet".


As I wrote earlier in this discussion thread,  with SOL601 forging can be simulated up to a certain degree of complexity only. Please find out the needs of the customer and then make the decision if SOL601 is an appropriate solution. Happy to assist with this assesment.


Best regadrs.



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