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Frequency Response Simulation, no result



I want to perform a frequency response analysis for a load applied on a part. I am using the advanced simulation module. I have succesfully ran static and modal analysis simulations, but I am having trouble with the frequency response simulations.


I specify "SOL 108 Direct Frequency Response", and I assign forcing frequencies (eg 100,10000 Hz) for the solution in the subcase menu. I also enable output requests to "Structural Output Requests", which has displacement enabled.


I mesh, assign a material, assign a force on one face, and assign a fixed constraint condition on another face.


I run the solve command, and simulation finishes (quite quickly, a few seconds) without any errors.  When I click on results, get the following error:

"The file C:\path\model_sim1-solution_3.op2 is not found"


My hunch is that I did not specify that my forcing load was a oscillatory force, but I am not sure how to specify that. 


How to I get my model to run propertly such that I can see the solution?



Accepted by topic author Janu
‎11-21-2016 01:29 PM

Re: Frequency Response Simulation, no result



Open the .f06 file created by Nastran in a text editor. Look for the keyword FATAL. This will tell you what went wrong.


An easy way to find the .f06 file is to select your solution in the sim navigator, right-click, browse. A window will open in your .sim folder, your solution files should be there.



Philippe Tremblay

Re: Frequency Response Simulation, no result

Hmm, it appears that there is a different licence needed for Dynamic Response. I will contact our IT to see if me have it. Thank you for your help. I was going around in circles for hours trying to figure out my mistake.