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Getting started with SOL 106/601

Hello All,


I just started my experience witn SOL 106/601 and immediately meet some problemm with simple analysis. Please help as below:


I tried to simulate a contact between two solid bodies (both steel) and include nonlnearities of material and large stran/displacement effect. Just to begin work with this solver I created a model shown below. Unfortunately the analysis does not run. Can anyone help me with that ? There is no tutorials in original documentation showin how to start with such analysis so it's qutie hard to get into the topic.


I modeled the bulb and plate. The enforced displacement is defined: time vs DOF3. Simple contact is added as shown below:


I get the information as below...

NASTRAN Msg:      ***WARNING: Contact surface compliance not used for contact group 100.
                              Contact compliance can improve the solution accuracy and 
convergence rate.
NASTRAN Msg:      ***WARNING: No element connection for node 1 directions 4, 5, 6
                  ***WARNING: Similar warning suppressed for 7449 other nodes.
NASTRAN Msg:      ***WARNING: Nodal degrees of freedom without element
                              connection have been fixed for data input file.
              *** ADVANCED NONLINEAR EXIT CODE 0 ***
              ^^^ ERROR IN ADVANCED NONLINEAR MODULE          0 

Total messages: 3 WARNINGS and 2 FATALS

Can anyone help please ?



Re: Getting started with SOL 106/601

I would like to continue this thread,

Now two questions:

1. Please can anyone say what is wrong with this model (attached zip) ? There are 3 solutions:

- Linear static (SOL101) - works ok (converge but of course the stress are too high to take to take them into account, so that's why I would like to run non-liear solution)

- Non-linear static - with load = 10 x normal gravity - works ok

- Non-linear with line load with ramp-function (same as in SOL101) - does not crash but not all the load is applied (only 5 steps are perfomred) - the question is why?


2. Is there anywhere available a list of NX Nastran non-linear warnings, simmilar to the list for Linear Static Solver? Often there are warnings with A-prefix, but I can not find such list with deeper explanation of the problem.


Great thanks for help Smiley Happy


Betreff: Getting started with SOL 106/601


Hi TomekZeWschodu,


first take a look at this documentation in for NX10:


PDF: advanced nonlinear theory and modeling guide


Max be you will find your answers there.


After that:

1. Check your meshing, I think you use only one layer of linear brick-elements in your plate and I think, that's not enough.


2. Take a look into NXSTAT description. There you will find all parameters relevant for nonlinear analysis in SOL 601


3. Make familiar with ATS, TLA-S, ...


4. Start to dig into nonlinear problems with enthusiasm ;-)


Good luck and best wishes,


Betreff: Getting started with SOL 106/601

Thank you MiDi1791,


Actually I was looking for somehtin similar to this document, but related to the Non Linear solution (ADINA solver ?): Error Message List

But thanks, I hope will find some hints Smiley Happy

Betreff: Getting started with SOL 106/601


Hi TomekZeWschodu,


I also look for such a documentaion for a long time. If you find it, tell me....