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Gluing of regions with interference offset

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Hello Experts,


what happens in NX10 Sol101 if I use for surface-to-surface-gluing a region which contains a positive offset in combination with a second region which is congruent to the first region without offset?


I assume it so, but I Can't find an information in documentation.


The regions come from a surface-to-surface interference contact like shrink.


Does gluing ignore the offset?


Any suggestion will help, best wishes, Michael

Accepted by topic author MiDi1791
‎05-03-2017 11:53 AM

Betreff: Gluing of regions with interference offset

Hello Friends,

as nobody did answer, I did simulate it with different settings for gluing.

I've got exactly the same results with and without offset in gluing region.That means gluing ignores offset definition in glued regions.

Best wishes, Michael