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How can I plot static stiffness?



I want to plot or take on excel sheet static stiffness results for NX CAE.

How can I take this results?


Thanks, Igor.


Re: How can I plot static stiffness?

Hi Igor,


You want to find static stiffness for each element or the whole model? If whole model, probably you can have an idea by looking at the reaction force and the displacement result.



Re: How can I plot static stiffness?

Hi I want to take from whole model the values, I don't know where is saved on .f06

Accepted by topic author Igor
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: How can I plot static stiffness?



For example I have a simulation model of 3D spring, and I compress the spring vertically. The way I get the stiffness value is to take the total vertical reaction force at one end of the spring (the reaction force lies at the constrainted node/s), then take this value is F(Newton). At the same time iteration, the vertical displacement of the spring is recorded as D(mm). So vertical stiffness K(Newton/mm) = F/D?