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How do I have to calculate the durability?

Hello to everyone,


at the moment I am working on my bachelor thesis. The topic is about a kind of a container-construction, which I have calculate via Siemens NX 8.5. Now I wanna calculate the durability of this container, but I don't know how I have to manage it. Does someone tell me the different steps of a durability-analysis? Do I have to use the solutions of the static simulation for the durability-analysis? Is it possible to simulate more subcases in a row?


Thanks a lot!


Re: How do I have to calculate the durability?



First you need stresses and or strains from a solution: It could be static, transient or random. Your solver can be NX Nastran, MSC.Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus or Response Simulation.


If you use static results, you need to define a cyclical component. You can do this by defining:


- A result path, ie a sequence of subcases.

- A time function which you assign to a subcase

- A full or half sine pattern to a subcase


You can define multiple events in the same durability metasolution. The events can point to different static solutions. NX Durability will compute the damage from each event, and the total damage for the metasolution.



Philippe Tremblay

Re: How do I have to calculate the durability?

Some additional information might be helpful.   What is the container made of?  How is it constructed?  Welded, bolted, riveted, cast, machined, bent, composite, monolithic/isotropic, etc.?   What kind of loads is it subject to?  Uni-directional, multi-axial, variable amplitude, fully reversing, simple loading, multiple load points, linear or non-linear, wear, multi-physics, etc.?

Re: How do I have to calculate the durability?

Thank you..I'm still preparing the new afem. I will try if your describtion fits to my problem.