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How to check spatial fields in NX CAE 7.5?



I created a spatial pressure and temperature field in NX CAE 7.5. Is there a way to display / output the interpolated results? E.g. I am interested in the temperature of a specific node, how can I get the value?

So far I have only found Display --> Element/Node value, but this is a complete mess.


I am happy for any advise!


Re: How to check spatial fields in NX CAE 7.5?


NX 8.0 provided the ability to contour plot shell element thickness, pressure, and temperature loads. I think you found the only option within NX 7.5. You could write out a solver input file from NX 7.5 and check the temperature there as well.


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Re: How to check spatial fields in NX CAE 7.5?

Ok, I can check the temperature in the .dat file... BUT

Why is the space between the node id and the value missing? It looks like this:

TEMP         201  517702665.1351 and not TEMP         201  517702 665.1351

Do I need some special editior or what? I tried notpad++ and normal windows editor...

Re: How to check spatial fields in NX CAE 7.5?



In Nastran single field format, each line contains 10 fields of up to 8 characters each. In free format, these fields are comma separated. In fixed format, each field is 8 characters. Space delimited is not an option. With only 8 characters to work with, numerical precision is an issue for real numbers. If you add a space between the grid ID and the temperature value, you would have to remove the trailing 1 from the temperature value so it would still fit in its 8 character column.


There are some text editors out there that can display column markers (vertical lines). I thought notepad++ was one of them. You may need to load a custom profile. Other possibilities are UltraEdit or Emacs