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How to create a SN curve

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Does LMS have a module which can create an SN Curve? 

Which parameters does a customer need to introduce or measure in order to obtain SN Curve?


Thank you.



Abdiel Nolasco.


Re: How to create a SN curve

Hi @Abdiel

In LMS Imagine.Lab Amesim we normally don't deal with S-N curves which are more a 3D topic.
Perhaps you work with LMS Virtual.Lab Durability?
In this case it might be better to ask in the corresponding forum

Kind regards

Re: How to create a SN curve

Accepted by topic author Abdiel
‎09-20-2016 11:08 AM

Re: How to create a SN curve

Dear Abdiel,


there are some things to clearfy first:


There are different types of SN-curves.


The traditional on are component SN-curves, that define how many load cycles of an given amplitude a whole component including all non-linearities and notch and size and surface (etc.) effects can withstand.

For simulation one typically needs a more abstract type of material SN-curves, that then are used in simulation of whole components, taking into account the local notch and size and surface (etc.) effects.


So in this sence the simulation tool Virtual.Lab Durability can be used to create component SN curves.


For Material SN curves we included statitical methods that esimate material SN curves based on easier to measure material constants.


To measure a material SN curve is a test based methodology where you have to design your experiments correctly and than estimate the SN curve using statistical methods, but that is in the ballpark of our test colleagues.


Hope this helps





Dr.Michael Hack
Business Product Line Manager Durability
Simulation and Testing Solutions

Re: How to create a SN curve

Thank you Michael