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How to obtain displacement in Modal based Vibroacoustic response analysis

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Dear All,


I solved for Modal based Vibroacoustic Response analysis case in LMS FEA Harmonic analysis and obtained a displacement magnitude contour plot.

But I need to calculate a displacement at a particular point on the structure with respect to frequency.

So that I was trying to convert vector to function by using use Vector to function conversion case but in that case, I am not able to get the displacement. However, I am able to get pressure on a particular node


So can anyone know  how to obtain displacement.?






Re: How to obtain displacement in Modal based Vibroacoustic response analysis

Under the solution of Modal superposition Vibroacoustic Response analysis case, you should find a "Modal Participation Factors" from this run.  Next step is to insert a "Modal superposition Structural Response" (you could find this in "Structural Forced Response").  Select the Modal participation factors for the load function set, and select the original structural mode set as as the mode set.  Solutuion type should be Vector if you want to see the color contour plot of the structural response.  Create a new IO Set and select the full stuctural model as the IO Point. 


Another option is to select the mapped modes (the "projected Structural modes) as the mode set, and select the acoustic set as the IO Point for the new IO Set.  In this case, you recover the structural response mapped to the acoustic mesh.  First approach is preffered.