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How to simulate thermal expansion gap

Hai every one


I have a problem where i want to simulate an thermal expansion joint between to beams, So i was trying with to beams constrained at the end an in between i am using a gap element to specify the gap.

it is like this(approx)


Node1(fixed)--------------------node(100)   gap element    node(101)---------------------Node201(Fixed)


i am giving temperature as the load, as per hand calculation the expansion is about 23mm so i have kept the gap of 15mm but after the 15mm expansion i am not able to see the stress at node 100 or in node 101

in practical left beam will move right side and right beam will move left side due to the expansion, when the move relatively 15mm the touch each other and stress should develop at the joint,


i am not able to simulate this in nx 


plz help

thank you


Re: How to simulate thermal expansion gap

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What solution sequence are you running?


In SOL 106, the connectivity of the CGAP element is critical. The grids must be selected in the order pointing in the direction of the gap axis.



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‎05-08-2017 03:10 AM

Re: How to simulate thermal expansion gap

Here is a simple example