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Import Abaqus model with its mesh to NX

Im a new user of NX, and I prefer to build my model (Part, load, constrains, Mesh) in Abaqus and then export it to NX (with its mesh) for analysis? 


Is it possible?, and how can do it please?


Thank you


Re: Import Abaqus model with its mesh to NX

From Simcenter gateway, pick Import Simulation Input File from the Home tab or File, Import Simulation.


From NX gateway, pick File, Import, Simulation.


Select Abaqus as the solver and browse to your .inp file location.

Re: Import Abaqus model with its mesh to NX

Hi Jim,
I have got the following warnings! How to deal with it, please?

(WARNING: Pressure along element edge for 2D elements, plane stress-strain element and membrane element edge is not supported in the structural environment.
WARNING : It will be skipped during import. This may have significant impact in ----

Also, the imported load is not accurate as it shows the load only on half the model edge. It is distributed on the whole edge in the original Abaqus model.
I could not attach photo of the model here