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Information about NX Analysis


We have a teacher asking us about where can he find technical information about simulations capabilities of NX so they can check if NX is something that can be used to replace their current Ansys software. He doesn't want the marketing material that is available, but he wants more detailed documents (technical courses, help files, etc). Iif I send him the NX documentation DVD, will he be able to install and access the documentation?


Re: Information about NX Analysis

Never mind. I just installed Documentation alone and it works.


Re: Information about NX Analysis

Caro Carlos,
NX Advanced Simulation is build around NX NASTRAN, a complete FEA code that competes face-to-face with other codes like MSC.Nastran, Ansys, Abaqus, etc.. Also, NX AdvSim offers unique capabilities not found in any other FEA codes: total integration & associativity between CAD & CAE models, no other FEA codes has this feature. Then no doubt that NX AdvSim can replace any other FEA code ....
Best regards,

Ah!, Install the CAST, this is a very good resource to show the FEA capabilities of NX AdvSim