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Limit of Subcases in a Solution 101 Model?

Hello guys,


currently I am working on a model using Sol 101 including a high number of subcases (~70). My problem is that NX is not able to open the calculated results file. Each subcase for itself is working fine, but I need to have all the subcases in one solution, because it is necessary to perform several load case combinations and I want to have them permanent in my model. Therefore I cannot use the results manipulation options. Instead I am using the Combined Loadcases option (RM on Results entry).


Does anybody has an idea what I can do to solve this problem?


Thanks in advance,




Re: Limit of Subcases in a Solution 101 Model?



I'm not aware of any limitations in post aside from memory usage. When entering post, the results files are read and stored in memory. Limiting the results file size may be your only option. Could you give us some specs on your machine, the model, results file, and the contents of the results file? Is it possible for you to some of the results to regions of the model? Is the use of external superelements a viable option? You may have to think in those terms to reduce the model size.





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Re: Limit of Subcases in a Solution 101 Model?

Hello Mark,


thank you for your answer.

I sent the file to GTAC and it looks like that it was a kind of bug.