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Limitation in ACCEL1


Hello experts,


I try to define a acceleration distribution depending on z-coordinate of nodes.

My model consists of 500'000 nodes and all of them are affected.


I get an error message




because I have too many nodes in my acceleration definition.

There is a limitation of an amount of 10'000. But I do not know what it means?

1. Number of nodes in one ACCEL1-bulk data entry,

2. Number of ACCEL1-bulk data entries with the same "Load set identification number" SID

(see Online-Documentaion for ACCEL1)



3. Total number of all ACCEL1-bulk data entries in one LoadCase???


How do I have to split my definition to get my model in a calculatable way?

Can some one help me?

Best wishes, Michael



Production: NX10; Development: VB, TCL/TK; Testing: NX11

Re: Limitation in ACCEL1

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The limitation is on the total number of ACCEL, ACCEL1 and GRAV cards sharing the same SID.

Re: Limitation in ACCEL1




thank you for your answer.

That means I have to split my existing acceleration load defined for all nodes into smaller potions in a way that every single new load definition which is using a unique SID will be splitted by NX into maximum 10'000 bulk data entries. This is difficult to control.


To be in a safe way I can therefore only put 10'000 nodes into one load definition if every node gets its own acceleration value depending on its vertical position. - May be it could be better if nodes share the same vertical position, but who can guarantee.

That is really sad, because now I have to define 50 single load definitions with the same vertical distribution for acceleration.


Fortunately I found a better way:

In my special case I also can distribute my vertical acceleration by using the ACCEL bulk data entry.

This entry is also able to scale acceleration values in ONE direction of a individual coordinate system by using a scaling table. And that’s all I want to do. In that way I do not have to define groups of nodes because ACCEL affects always the whole model. No limitations in numbers occur.


And be defining the spatial table in a clever way there are a lot of opportunities.


I hope this will helps other users, too.

Best wishes, Michael

Production: NX10; Development: VB, TCL/TK; Testing: NX11