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Manipulate center of rotation in Post View


Hello Experts,


here is a simple question for NX 8.5.2:


Is it possible in Postprocessor mode to snap to nodes to set the center (centre) of rotation during dynamical view rotation via middle-mouse-button-pressed?


In Preprocessor mode after pressing middle-mosuse-button a little bit longer without movement a small selector or handle or marker (two orange concentric circles) appears and I can set the rotation center to a specific object i.g. point, node, endpoint of curve, ...


In Postprocessor, the small selector also appears in the same way but I do not understand controlling it. - Is there a way to influence the position of that selector or handle or marker, i.g. set it onto an existing node in deformed or undeformed position?


I couldn't find something in help documents, but may be I searched at the wrong position.

Where could I find such information in help documents?


Any explantion will help.

Best wishes,



Re: Manipulate center of rotation in Post View

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

If you use Layer Visible in View to turn on layers containing the pre-processing entities, then the rotation center will snap to those entities.

Re: Manipulate center of rotation in Post View


Hell JimB,


thank you for your answer, but I do not understand the concept of layers here in NX CAE.

Do I have to put my PART-components in different layers?

Where do I have to control layer related activities?


Short example:

I have a SIM for an AFM, containg the same FEM twice.

The FEM constists two parts a very small one and a very large one, defined in a PART and provided via fem_i.PRT.

I want to set th rotation center onto the two small parts, wich are connected in a neat manner via contact.


In which UNIT (PRT, i_PRT, FEM, AFM or SIM) do I have to set layer membership?

How can I control the visibility of my layers to get the right "SNAP"?

Is it discussed in the NX Documentation?

Please, explain it for me.


Best wisches,


Re: Manipulate center of rotation in Post View


Hello Experts,


I've found the solution in NX10:

If you press "Ctrl + F2" you are able to select one grid point as rotation center.

To set the rotation center back to default press "Ctrl + F3".


That's it. I'm not able to check if it's new in NX10 because I had to deal with the problem in NX 8.5.2.

But now NX 8.5.2 is gone ;-) (*Good bye and good luck*)


Best wishes, Michael