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Material Data Base for Simens NX

Hello all,

I'm loking for a Materia Data Base I can import to Siemens NX.

Is MatWeb compatible with NX?


Many thanks




Betreff: Material Data Base for Simens NX

Hello Franz,


NX administrates its own material data base which is very fullfilled with a lot of materials.



Betreff: Material Data Base for Simens NX



NX reads and stores its (OOTB and user defined) material libraries in MatML format. MatML is based upon XML. It also is able to read in materials based upon its supported solver formats such as Nastran, Abaqus, Ansys, etc. Once a material is in an NX file (PRT, FEM, SIM), it can be written to any NX material library.





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‎06-02-2016 03:24 PM

Re: Material Data Base for Simens NX

Hi Frantz,


The ANSYS material format is also MatML-based, so it can be used with NX...  I mention this because matweb offers direct expot of material data to ANSYS, which would be compatible with NX.

Re: Material Data Base for Simens NX

Thanks for your assistance!

Re: Material Data Base for Simens NX

Speaking of compatibility between NX and Ansys with respect to material database, does anyone know how you get NX to properly read material files exported from Ansys?


Even though both programs use MatML format, they write the "PropertyData" and "ParameterData" differently, thus NX can't properly map the different material properties when using an .xml file of exported materials from Ansys.

I have tried editing the "Metadata", but it doesn't seem to work, unless I also edit the material's "BulkDetails", which kind of defeats the purpose of convenient import of dozens or hundreds of materials.