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Motion Simulation: "Recurdyne Solver Lockup"



i created a few motion simulations with nx and i have the consistent problem, that solving the mechanism often leads to a "Recurdyne Solver Lockup" error message (End of msg-file is always "WARNING : CURRENT STEPSIZE IS TOO SMALL"). This happens in both Kinematics and Dynamics environments in NX


I understand from the documentation that this is mostly because driving the joints quickly leads to instant movement in the joints and huge accelerations. Lowering the speed does not always seem like a feasible solution and often does not solve the problem of the error message appearing.


I have attached a simple example model where this happens:

  • "foerderpumpengetriebe" is a pump skeleton model with 5 links and 5 joints. Simulating the model up to 50sec works, simulating it to 100sec (driver=3.6deg/sec=360deg) fails.

Do you have additional information that help me understand when this error occurs?


Other question: How comes a 100 seconds solution does not animate in 100 seconds but much shorter?