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NX 10 Documentation Server

Hi everybody,


yesterday I installed NX 10 and faced some problems when installing the documentation server. I learnt that it needs Java 7u51 64 bit for being installed. So I uninstalled Java 8u102 32 bit, downloaded 7u51 64 bit from Oracle and installed it successfully. NX Help works fine.


Unfortunately I use other software that need 8u102 32 bit so I downloaded this version and installed it. I have two versions  of Java installed at the moment. The other software works, NX Help works, too. For safety purposes it is no good idea having installed two Java version, from which one is depricated.


So my question is: does NX Help need an installed 7u51 64 bit for working properly or is 7u51 64 bit only needed for installing the documentation server?


Thank you in advance


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‎08-03-2016 03:33 AM

Re: NX 10 Documentation Server

Siemens PLM Documentation Server v2.0 was released on June 10, 2016 and addresses this issue. It works with the current version of Java (8.101).


Please uninstall the old doc server and old Java versions, then install the latest Java and doc server.


Siemens PLM Documentation Server v2.0 can be obtained from the Siemens PLM Download Server. Select "Siemens PLM Documentation Server" in the Product Filter list.

Re: NX 10 Documentation Server

[ Edited ]

Thank you for your answer. I uninstalled the old doc server and the old Java, installed the new doc server, the recent Java (64 bit). Infortunately I receive now an errror "Server not found" when I invoke NX 10's help.


Do I have to change the port, too?


Thank you in advance



Issue is solved. I reinstalled the new doc server and used the ports numbers 8181 and 8182 respectively. Now NX help works fine.


Thank you again.