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NX cannot find results file

Back to using "UG" after a 12+ year hiatus. Created a simple analysis. Solves fine with NX Nastran.

Go to post processing, and it cannot find the results. I can load results manually via "imported results", and browsing to the proper location. But they are not associated to the solution.

When I chose "analysis job information" from "analysis job monitor", I get "Error opening NASTRAN F06 file.". Similarly, "check analysis quality" says "results file was not found. check FE analysis run."

Am I missing a simple setup option? environment variable? The files exist, but it seems NX Nastran doesn't know where they are.

Thanks for the help!


Re: NX cannot find results file

It seems a problem related with long PATH length of model name, or long length for "study name". Simply copy all your model files (*.prt, *.sim, *.fem, etc..) to a local directory, say C:\MODEL and re-run the analysis and see if the postprocessing is possible now.
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Re: NX cannot find results file

Blas, thank you for the reply. The path is short (c:\eng\sim). No problem importing the results, it just seems that the solution is not properly linking to the results file.
BTW, the CAD files all reside in Teamcenter. I think this is the issue. Filename in TC is xxxx/A, but the Nastran files are written to the OS as xxxx_a. I suspect this is the disconnect, but not sure how to remedy.

Re: NX cannot find results file

Ended up being a simple setting which was missed. Need to check the "export associated files" customer default option under "teamcenter integration for NX". Knew it had to be something simple. Thanks for the feedback!