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Need some advice before purchasing NX flow



The company I work for is in the process of getting a CFD tool.

Since we already have NX for CAD we thought about NX flow.

I am using FEMAP for structural analysis with good results and pretty happy with the software.

I am responsible for FEA (only structural at the moment) in the company and probably will be operating the software.

I have a few concerns:

1. I have no former knowledge in fluid dynamics except from the courses I took at the university and that was 8 years ago... How relevant is it in order to get things going? Should I go back to the basics and re-read the basic text books?

2. What is the learning curve for this software assuming only basic fluid dynamics knowledge, I am referring to the pre processing (meshing, understanding the physical problem and "converting it" to CFD, boundary conditions, getting solutions to converge, etc.) and post processing (actually getting useful information from all the nice colors and curves)?




Re: Need some advice before purchasing NX flow



Hereby some answers to yur questions:

1.You need to have of course a basic understanding of conduction,convection and radiation. That should be enough to start with thermal-flow simulations.

2.Learning curve: after getting a course you will get up to speed very fast. You can do simulations right after the course but more important is to understand your physical problem and translating it in the right modeling parameters (right material properties, right boundary conditions,knowing what is relevant and what not in your model to save time,right meshing size). This will take more time. To become a good CFD engineer (simulations=measurements) it will take 1 year (using the software at least once in a week).




Re: Need some advice before purchasing NX flow

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Thanks Gunther.

My main issue from the point of view of the software (setting physical background aside) is meshing, As I undesrtood from my vendor the auto mesher is pretty good, and will be more than enough for most problems (assuming manual mesh manipulation in areas where needed), for most of my products hex mesh is not feasable, is this correct that the auto mesher is enough most of the time?



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‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Need some advice before purchasing NX flow

The meshing is a very important step to avoid problems afterwards. In NX the best way is to create automatical mesh mating conditions before you start meshing on your complete assembly. If these mmc are correctly assigned, the meshes of the different objects will be coincident at the touching boundaries. After this step you start meshing with the smallest object and go from small to big size objects. You can choose between TET and HEXA 3D elements. The HEXA elements you can use for simple not complex geometry (without curvatures), the TET elements you will need to use for complex objects. If you follow these steps,your model will be meshed correctly. I don't think that this meshing process is more complicated than other packages.

Re: Need some advice before purchasing NX flow

Thanks Gunther