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Overlay CAE Results in CAD



Could someone tell me how to overlay CAE results with CAD as shown in the image below.

when I click post-view, I only see results, i would like to view the unmeshed components with the results overlayed.


Thank you for your help.






Accepted by topic author Jerryclif
‎09-07-2015 04:04 AM

Re: Overlay CAE Results in CAD

Hi Jerry


You have three options that I know of:


1.  I think the image you show below was created using layers.  Go to Menu -> Format -> Layer visible in view, and choose reset to global.  You should then be able to view your CAD bodies and turn off the CAE meshes in the postview where they are not needed.


2.  Create an overlay postview and uncheck the "color display" options.  Then set the edge display to feature only to get an opaque solid view of your meshes.  Again, turn meshes on/off as needed on the required parts.


3.  If you have access to TcVis, create a JT of your results in NX (right click on the postview) and import it to a TcVis session with your CAD assembly.




Re: Overlay CAE Results in CAD

Indeed, in this instance this image was created using the first technique described by Joe.


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