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Posibility to reverse select nodes from constraint

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Hello experts, short question:

Is it possible to get all nodes (or other objects) relating to i.e. a constraint into a group?


Problem: I've got a Abaqus-Input-File (*.inf) imported as simulation into NX CAE, but I have no Abaqus license to make NX interpreting the special Abaqus keywords in the right manner.

Now I can see a lot of constrains and MPCs dealing with nodes and I am very interested in getting their labels. Normally I would use "Solver syntax preview" to get a list of all inner entries but it does not work and I suppose because of the lack of Abaqus license.


Therefore, how can I get these labels i.e. in a group to inspect it?


Who can help me?

Greetings, Michael





Re: Posibility to reverse select nodes from constraint

Hi Michael,


I think the best way is to get the label from Abaqus directly. If you dont have access to that software, then you can try to open the input file (.inf) using word pressing software (i.e. notepad), and guess/find the appropriate entity you want (i.e. constraint) and read/guess the label from that group of entity.


Kind regards,



Re: Posibility to reverse select nodes from constraint

Hello Tuw,

thank you for answering.

In this special case I truly could try to analyze the INPUT-file of Abaqus because I know "some bits and pieces" about this program an how to use it. But my question also aims all the other situations having generated model object with elements or nodes inside and not knowing their labels.


Do you know a way to get all the labels without the appropriate license? - The labels are strored inside obviously, is there no way?


Greetings, Michael