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Post processing for SOL 200

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I have succesfully performed a shell thickness optimization and would like to visualize the updated thicknesses in Simcenter 3D. How do I do this?





Re: Post processing for SOL 200

At the end of the optimization run, updated PSHELL card definitions are written to the punch file. Look for "UPDATED ANALYSIS MODEL DATA ENTRIES".


You can use the Append/Merge option to bring these into Simcenter and update the thicknesses:


  1. File, Append...
    • Set Import Behavior to "Append Merge"
    • Set Physical Conflicts to "Modify With File Data"
    • OK

Append dialogAppend dialog


    • Input File Units: set as appropriate
    • File Type: ASCII
    • File Name: select the punch file containing the updated PSHELL entries
    • Selective Import:
    • Toggle OFF Non-Bulk Data Sections
    • Filter Method: By card Name
    • Exclude everything. Leave only PSHELL in the Cards to import list
    • OK

File Merge DialogFile Merge Dialog

After the import is complete, expand the .fem entry on the Simulation Navigator. RMB on the 2D Collectors and pick "Plot Thickness Contours"



Original thicknessOriginal thicknessAfter: 

After importing updated PSHELLAfter importing updated PSHELL



Re: Post processing for SOL 200

Thx, that works!


I tried to do it more elegantly via the structural output request but failed to link this to GUI. do you know if this useful?


 2016-11-18 16_24_18-Simcenter 11 - Pre_Post - [(Simulation) wing_layout1_fem1_sim1.sim].png



Accepted by topic author Jens_de_Boer
‎11-18-2016 10:42 AM

Re: Post processing for SOL 200

The SHELLTHK output request is currently only valid for Advanced Nonlinear soluions (601 & 701)