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Principal Stress Direction / Vector

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how can I show principal stress direction / vector in postprocesing? Do I have to configure a new outputrequest? I use solid an shell elements, sol 101.


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Re: Principal Stress Direction / Vector



Edit the Post View and set the Display to "Tensors":






Re: Principal Stress Direction / Vector

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is this tensor viewing method applicable in FEMAP?

Re: Principal Stress Direction / Vector


In FEMAP do you have many options as well to represent Principal Stresses using vectors. For instance, here you are the Major Principal Nodal Stress distribution in a Tank using contour plots, to serve as a reference for the vector plots:



Next issue F5 command and click in VECTOR under CONTOUR STYLE category. Next click in DEFORMED & COUNTOUR DATA ...



Next click in CONTOUR VECTORS to define the vector plot options:



And here we are!. As you see you have many, many options to do whenever you want to plot stress results using vectors. For instance, choose VECTOR TYPE = STANDARD VECTORS and select the Output Vector Plate TopMajor Principal Stress under VECTOR1, next click OK > OK > and OK ...



You will see the following plot (to setup the vectors cilck on F6 > POSTPROCESSING > CONTOUR VECTOR STYLE):



Also, in FEMAP you have the 2D Tensor Plot (i.e.,“Crow’s Foot” plot) option that allows you to create a plot of three vectors on a 2D element. Vector 1 will be plotted in the X-direction (based on the option selected in the Output Data is Stored Relative To section), Vector 2 in the Y-direction, and Vector 3 at a 45 degree angle between the X-direction and the Y-direction. Although it may be used to show any three vectors on 2D elements, this is very useful when showing three related vectors, with two being “directional” and one being “shear”, such as Plate X Normal Stress for Vector 1 (X), Plate Y Normal Stress for Vector 2 (Y), and Plate XY Shear Stress for Vector 3 (XY).




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Re: Principal Stress Direction / Vector



I'm using Femap v11.1.1.

I have followed all the steps for viewing the vector of principal stress but still cannot get the arrow displayed.

I have also tried converting the file to neutral and importing back to see whether it works, still not working.



Re: Principal Stress Direction / Vector

And in v11.3 we added Arrow Plots.  Pick Arrow Plot, pick Min or Max Prin and you instantly get the Principal Stress Direction plot you are looking for.