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Problem in simulation with spherical joints

Hi, i need help because i can't simulate a rebot of parallel architecture with spherical joints, in the motion simulation module of nx 8. I already simulate a robot with simular conditions but with revolute joints. The software present redundancies in the spherical joints and i was trying with differents configuration of the joints and in conclusion the simulation always present redundacies.



In the most of situations the groubler number are 0, but the simulation present redundances. Please if you know any solution, please help me. Thanks


Re: Problem in simulation with spherical joints

When a find in the .msg file, the error that appear is the number: 004003003 and suggest me check the model. In the .txt file that appear when i try solve the solution, the error number that present is 1108506.

Re: Problem in simulation with spherical joints

Hope it's not too late as i just joined the community!

To remove redundancy, try using different joints with more Degrees Of Freedom. It seems what you did by replacing revolute by spherical, still redundancy then must happen for translation DOF. there are also cylindrical joints in case. Otherwise, bushings with high stiffness are recommended. There are also "Pimitive" joints but not sure it will help.

Gilles Dubourg
Product Manager – Simcenter 3D Motion
Product Lifecycle Management
Siemens Industry Software SAS