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Problem modeling pressure on a structure



I have a model of a structure and I am trying to simulate if it can withstand a certain pressure force on it for a fixed period of time. 


My model was successfully meshed. I added a pressure force from one side and added fixed constraints on the bottom, as the structure is attached to a slab. I also added one time step for 3 seconds to model the pressure force for a fixed amount of time. 


Is this the correct advanced simulation technique to use? When I run the simulation, it says the job finished successfully but there is a fatal error saying the solution did not finish successfully in the .f06 file. Additonally, no .op2 results file is generated.


A detailed response on how to correctly simulate this would be much appreciated. 



Re: Problem modeling pressure on a structure

Hi Michael NX1,


Why you don't use static analysis? you don't need to care about time, just use SOL101 as start.




Re: Problem modeling pressure on a structure

The 3 second run time for the simulation is critical to the specification. The requirement is to determine the max pressure it can withstand for 3 seconds. 

Re: Problem modeling pressure on a structure

Unless dynamic effects is important for you, I suggest to try SOL101 static first.

If it withstands the static it will do also for 3s. After that you can use SOL106 or SOL601 for transient runs.


For SOL106 put two subcases, one ramp up and the second ramp down