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Result Envelope Display


Hi guys,


I realize that for result that I got using Result Envelope function, I cannot use Group to hide the element that I dont want to see.

However I can still hide element that is in the same Elements in the Post View.


Is there any way I can hide the element that I dont want to see especially if it is in the same Element Group.


For example in the image below, I want to hide the first and second floor and only show the result for top floor. However, all three floor is in the same Element Group and therefore I cannot disable it. There is also no more Group option in the Post View as you can see in the image. I hope I make sense.






Re: Result Envelope Display

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

Actually you can use groups to edit the post processing display of enveloped results stored in a universal file. The universal file results must be associated to a solution.


1. Select a result from an existing solution and MB3 Add Companion Result Data


This method associates the universal file results to the selected solution's results. Since post processing uses the node/element data from the results file (and not the FEM), post processing the universal file will use the results file's nodes/elements. If the results are in synch with the FEM (as is typically the case), then groups in the FEM/SIM files can be used to post process the universal file results.


2. Use Import Results from the Simulation Navigator


Select the SIM in the Simulation Navigator, and MB3 Import Results. Then select the universal file. This will create an imported solution. The solution is maintained with the SIM and you can specify that the nodes/elements in the imported results file (UNV) are consistent with the FEM. Then you can use groups to post process the enveloped results. This method requires that you include the nodes/elements of the model when you perform the envelope calculation. To do that, you would use the Create Results Full option, as full indicates that the nodes/elements will be written to the UNV.


The meshes shown in the post processing view cannot be edited. They act as display toggles for the entire mesh and you can't hide individual elements from the post display. You can create groups with the Identify command, then use those groups to edit the post display, but that's not going to help if you used the Import Results function in the Post Processing Navigator.





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Re: Result Envelope Display

Thanks for your quick response.

That is the perfect solution to my problem.

Re: Result Envelope Display


Hi all,


Allow me to ask one question related to result visualization.

As an IDEAS user, it is very easy to manipulate the result in term of visualization. For example, I can show the result and specific group of element at the same time. I can even control the transparency of the element. Refer image below. The black line represent the undeformed element. This allow me to present the result clearly to the client..


However, I couldnt find any similar function in NX10. Is there any workaround for this.


Thanks a lot for your attention.



Re: Result Envelope Display

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

@hafizmy, In the future, please start a new thread to ask a new question. Do not ask your question in a response on an old thread, particularly one that is almost 8 months old. This yields better search results for future users.


Most of the controls you are looking for are on the Edit Post View dialog. The display of the undeformed model can be toggled on/off on the Display tab. The display color and style of the element edges and faces can be controlled on the Edges & Faces tab.




For more advanced displays, you can use "Layer Visible in View" to turn all of the layers on and control visibility of the original part geometry, mesh, boundary conditions, etc. via the Simulation Navigator. You can search for posts about this capability in this forum and in the GTAC Solution Center (

Re: Result Envelope Display


Hi JimB. Thanks for your response. Sorry for asking in the same thread as I though it is somehow related to the first question.

The first solution that you provide is only to show the undeformed model as a whole. No flexibilty to control each element independently.

So I think Layer is the best way to do this. I will try to look into this as honestly I have never use layer before.