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Rotor Model in NX10

I have created a simple rotor test model according to the guidelines provided in the NX Help System:


HomeCAEAdvanced SimulationNastran environmentRotor dynamics >

Rotor dynamics workflow
The test model is attached. May by anybody has an idea what is going wrong with my model?
As usual, no test model, youtube clip or some relevant web based example for rotor dynamics is provided by the NX support. It was not also possible to find some relevant content in few available NX related books.

Re: Rotor Model in NX10

[ Edited ]

If you have a Learning Advantage Membership (, you can access a "Rotor Dynamics" course. Otherwise, the Rotordynamics User's Guide  in the NX Nastran section contains some NX Nastran input decks that you could import into NX.


Re: Rotor Model in NX10

Dear AM,

unfortunately I'm missing the mentioned resources of wisdom. I have visited the PLM "Learning Advantage" site. I tried to find the "Rotor Dynamics" course but coudn't. At least it was not available at "Video Catalog". May be you can help me to find it?


To my knowledge the Rotordynamics User's Guide is related to NX NASTRAN (Nasa Structural Analysis System) but not to the Rotor Dynamics features in NX10. Thus, this is also not realy useful in order to set up my test model in a right way.


The problem is that it is very difficult to get a propper training courses on the topics I'm interested in. The recommended at

NX training comany

doesn't offer the relevant trainings at all. Of course MAYA is able to coach in the requested topics but this company is situated in America and I'm not allowed to travel abroad in order to get some technical support in NX.




Re: Rotor Model in NX10

Hi PB,


The "Rotordynamics Course" can be found in the "Self-Paced Catalog":


Membership Type: NX, Software: NX, Version:10.0 -> CAE Advanced Simulation -> Analysis solutions -> Rotor Dynamics


This course teaches how to create rotor dynamic models for analysis with NX Nastran. You will also learn how to create Campbell diagrams to examine the critical speeds of systems that contain rotating components.


Estimated time to complete: 40-60 minutes.


Best regards,



Re: Rotor Model in NX10

Hi PB,


As far as I know, there are several companies in Germany, who provide NX training. Please ask the Siemens PLM sales person associated to your account for a complete list of Service Partners.


Best wishes,







Re: Rotor Model in NX10

Hello AM,


actually it is not so easy to get the mentioned Rotor Dynamics online training. I have got the

Self-Paced Membership: Corporate - Gold but I am very upset because I can not access the learning content. May be you can explain me how does it work? Such a fuzzy logic with everything that is associated with NX!