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Safety Factor / Postprocessing

Hi All,

I have done an Advanced Simulation (SOL101) in NX9 and would like to display (do the results postprocessing) a safety factor for each element based on Von Mises Stress with respect to it's own Yield Strength.
I have more than one material so I would like to create a formula in Result Reduction that will contain specific element yield. Is it possible ?

PS: we do not have the durability module.

Any ideas ?


Re: Safety Factor / Postprocessing

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Siemens Phenom

Here's a link to a similar question posted late last year. I replied that this is possible in NX 10 and a user defined plugin function that retrieves an element's material properties (in this case the yield strength).


NX 10 introduces post processing results probes. These are user defined results that are associated to solutions. They are similar to the result reduction capabilities you are using in NX 9, but more managable and capable. I've demonstrated exactly the calculation you are asking for. To obtain the material property from multiple materials, I had to use a user defined plugin function (i.e. not out of the box yet). Think of a plugin function as a mathematical calculation or lookup to data based upon arguments that the user provides. NX provides many functions available in the expressions system, such as sine, cosine, absolute value, etc. The user defined plugin that I used for my safety factor calculation looked up the temperature dependent yield strength of an element/node, given the temperature of the node via a temperature result or spatial field.


The attached presentation provides some insight to results probes and includes the safety factor example. 


I realize you are looking for a solution in NX 9, but I don't think it can be done there.






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Re: Safety Factor / Postprocessing

thank you a lot MarkLamping


This was very helpful. It seems then we have to update the soft version.

Have a nice day ! Smiley Happy