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Selecting Elements by Welding

Dear experts,


I need to create groups of elements in order to perform an external fatigue calculation.


I have each piece in different mesh collectors (and different physical properties) and I need to create one group for welds, for heat affected zone and base material.


For each piece,the weld group corresponds with elements that belong to intersection line with other pieces, then the heat affected zone elements corresponds with next row of elements and base material is the rest of elements in the piece.


Can you help me?


Thanks in advance!!



Re: Selecting Elements by Welding

For the first (weld) group, do New Group, set the smart selector method to 'Related Elements' and pick the geometry defining the intersections:



For the second group, do a Show Only on the first group (RMB ont he group name in the Navigator). Then do a Show Adjacent and pick all of the elements in the first group. Next, hide the first group. Finally, create a new group containing all of the elements visible on the screen.


For the third group, do a show all, then hide the first two groups, then group all of the elements that are left visible.

Re: Selecting Elements by Welding

Hi JimB,


thanks for your response!


I have two comments about this solution:


-If the mesh have not geometry associated, I cant select the intersection for first group.


-Normally I have a lot of pieces and I want to do this actions automatically for all pieces in a model; Is there a NXOpen developed for this purpose or similar?





Accepted by topic author PabloAlgarra
‎11-09-2015 10:54 AM

Re: Selecting Elements by Welding

In a FE only model, you could try one of the other smart selector (feature angle node, feature edge node, etc.) methods for the first step.


I don't know of any NX Open programs that do this grouping.

Re: Selecting Elements by Welding

Thanks JimB!!


with feature edge node I can select the nodes in the intersection and put them in a group then I show only this group and elements showed correspond with elements in the weld.