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Show certain Element(s)



I am doing simulations with hyperfoam material model. The simulation stops often because of elements that are too distorted. In the .f06 file it tells me what elements have problems. How can I identify the elements in the post processing plot. By that I mean: I tell NX the element number and NX shall show me where it is or even better where they are. (The other way, telling me numbers of elements I click on is working but not what i need).


Thank You


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‎11-29-2016 03:29 AM

Re: Show certain Element(s)



You can create a group using the element IDs, then display just the group from the Postview UI in the Simulation Navigator. The Annotation and Identify Results commands also accept element IDs as input. Both are able to highlight the selected elements in their own ways. It sounds like Annotation will work best for you. Annotations can draw leader lines to the selected node/element. The annotation can be placed anywhere in the graphics window.




Re: Show certain Element(s)

Hallo Mark,


the Identify Results command worked out fine. Thank you!


Using the Annotation command also works, but only if the results are element based and not node based. That leads me to the question, why all the solid elements that are PLSOLIDs do not show any results when using element based results and only the PSOLIDs are shown? Can I turn this on and off somewhere or does that type just doesn't support that?


Displacement, node based:




Stress, element based:



Thank you!



PS: Where is the Siemens CAE Forum gone? What does that mean?


Re: Show certain Element(s)



I'm not following what you mean by annotations don't work if the results are element based, but not node based. I'll try to explain the expected behavior.


Annotations support output location types: element, element-nodal, and nodal. Perhaps it supports others, but I can't think of other results that don't fit those types. Maybe you have an element listed from the F06, but are wanting to annotate nodal results for that element? That's not possible without taking an additional step of identifying the nodes related to the element (say via a group). Then use the group in the annotation.


Annotations and Identify Results both accept IDs as input. If the data is nodal, then they expect a node ID. If it is elemental data, then an element ID is expected. If it is element-nodal data, then both commands accept only element IDs as input. Interactively you can select individual element-node combinations. If you input an element via ID or group to these commands with element-node data, then you get output from all nodes related to the input element(s). 


Regarding your last question about where the Siemens CAE forum has gone, I'm sure you're not the only confused person out there. We are undergoing a rebranding of our CAE offerings. This is particular to those related to NX, LMS, CD-adapco, and FEMAP. The new branding of CAE applications falls under the name Simcenter. Simcenter is composed of 1D, 3D, test, and design exploration offerings. You can see the breakdown of simulation offerings that fall under Simcenter here.


NX Advanced Simulation, NX Design Simulation, and NX Nastran fall under the 3D category. You'll also see changes in NX 11 that refer to Simcenter as an application. That's a reference to NX Advanced Simulation. The best example of that is in the documentation where previously you'd look for Advanced Simulation, you will see Simcenter. 


Particular to the user forums here, all of the CAE content now resides under the Simcenter community. The NX CAE content is under the Simcenter 3D forum.


The NX Nastran forum isn't listed currently, but it should be there as 3D Simulation - NX Nastran. The site is in transition at the moment.




Re: Show certain Element(s)

Hello Mark,


Thank you for your explanations. What I meant was that if I have results that refer to nodes only, such as displacements, I cannot pick an Element. That is what you explained and is true for both, Annotations and Identify Results. If the results are nodal, I cannot pick a certain element without extra steps.


One of the reasons why I got mixed up was again a problem or an inconsistency in the translation. In “Identify Results” the translations are correct, but in Annotations it’s all mixed up. Entity in once translated with “Objekt” and in the other place with “Element”, which in this case is especially confusing as Entity can be Nodes and Elements.




Identify Results - Nodes

Identify Results - Elements

Annotation - Nodes

Annotation - Elements







I will ask the question about the PLSOLID in a separate thread!



Re: Show certain Element(s)



Regarding the PLSOLID and PSOLID issue I found out the following:


Remarks related to SOL 601:
  1. STR is ignored. Stresses and strains are output at grid points.

I can be found here:

Anyhow, when using "Nonlinear Stress - Element-Nodal" instead of Nonlinear Stress - Elemental" the Identifier shows Elements and Nodes!