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Sine Vibration SImulation

Hi, I am new to NX 10 and I would like to do the following requirements for sine vibration test.


For frequency range 5-10 Hz, Test level 8mm(0-peak)

For frequency range 10-100Hz, Test level 3g


I am capable of doing basic vibration simulation such as Sol103 eigenvalues and Sol 111 Modal frequency. However, I am unsure of which solution to use for sine vibration simulation and how to input the test levels. Could it be post-processing using Sol 103 Response Simulation? If so, which event do I use? Also, as 1 test level is in displacement and 1 is in acceleration, do I have to do the two test separately for each frequency range or can I do both together?


Thanks for the assistance.

Accepted by topic author felchen
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: Sine Vibration SImulation

Hi there,

You can use Response Sim, using spectrum...

Re: Sine Vibration SImulation

Hi, thanks a lot for your help! Smiley Happy I am now able to get my simulation running! Smiley Very Happy