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Symmetric Constraint + Fixed Constraint

Hello everyone,


I'm trying to simulate a test piece under load.

So I split the piece in half and I apply a load on the right side, a symmetric constraint on the bottom side and a fixed constraint on the left side.



And when I launch the solver I get the message :


 " There are overlapping constraints in the model.
SUGGESTION: Resolve Constraints using the corresponding command from the navigator
solution node or use File->Export->Simulation to write out the model data with
overlapping constraints."


I think it's because some nodes on the left side share differents constraints, the fixed one and the symmetric one and the software doesn't know how to interpret that.

I don't know how to resolve that but I'm almost sure that my symmetric condition is correct and these conditions match with the reality.


So if someone got any tips on that, it will be nice ! 


Thank you.





Accepted by topic author Arthus
‎04-26-2016 03:38 AM

Re: Symmetric Constraint + Fixed Constraint

Hi Arthus,


the overlapping constraints are on the common edge that is shared by the faces that have the single constraints on.

In the dialog for the definition of your constraints, you can exclude the polygon edges in one of the constraint defintions - so the nodes on these edges are only belonging to one of the constraint definitions.


Best regards


Re: Symmetric Constraint + Fixed Constraint

You should be able to right-mouse on the constraints, there should be a "resolve constraints" that will lead you to a form where you can decide what to do with the overlaping constraints (combine, ignore,...)

Re: Symmetric Constraint + Fixed Constraint



It worked !


Thank you !