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when i use Delete Face in NX, and select Hole (select holes by size <=8mm), and select the body, NX highlights some holes in red and says he cannot delete them. If I select them individually many of them are deleted!!! How can i delete them automatically? i have too many holes <=8mm.

How does Delete face with Hole option works?



Re: Synch Teck

Are the holes that fail to be deleted composed of multiple faces? I tested this on a block with several holes. Some of my holes were defined with full cylinders. Others were defined with 2 semi-cylinders. The semi-cylinder holes were not being identified as holes, so they weren't deleted. The full cylinder holes were identified and deleted. I don't know if this is working as designed or not. I could delete the holes manually.





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Re: Synch Teck



try to use "optimize face" from Synch. Modeling to simplify your holes surfaces. maybe this will help.

If your holes have tips or counterbored, maybe using delete face with smart selection (pocket/slots) will help.