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TMG Advanced Thermal: Laser simulation request

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Hello Experts!,

This is a simulation request received from the Industry, please let me know if the MAYA TMG Thermal solver can be of help.


The requirement is to simulate a heat source of circular size (ie, a laser spot) perfectly characterized (Energy, Length Wave, etc..) hitting a horizontal plate of infinite thickness. They want to simulate as a function of time according the laser pulses (frequency & time) hitting the surface the following:

  • The material loss in the surface.
  • The displacement of the melted material.
  • The temperature field in the material in any of the different states.
  • For instance, they want to know the material behaviour of a steel plate after 1000 laser pulses.




Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
Blog Femap-NX Nastran:

Re: TMG Advanced Thermal: Laser simulation request

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The TMG solver supports this through Ablation-Charring type modeling object that “simulates the material transformation that an object undergoes when it is exposed to an intense transient heat source”.


This would be done in a transient analysis with time dependent heat load.


Displacements and temperature field results are available.


You would use the “Element Quality” results set to post-process the percentage of an element that has been ablated.


Is the material melting, or ablating away?  If it is just melting, then simple phase change properties could be used.  However, the flow of the melted material would not be simulated:  When we simulate phase change, we assume that there is no flow when the material is in the liquid state.






Philippe Tremblay