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Temp distribution for SOL101 from op2 only partial


Hello experts,


what happens if I have grid point temperature values in an OP2 file (solved in a steady state heat transfer SOL 153) and I map it onto my SOL101 mesh, but my mesh contains additional grid points.

I have extended my mesh in a second modelling step and do not want to recalculate the complete temperature distribution.


I'm using NX 10.


NX says:


INFORMATION : Temperatures from results file 
              have successfully been mapped for 2982365 nodes in the model

But that are not all grid points of my new model. - What happens with my additional grid points?

Do they get the default temperature value from temperature load set or do I have to define additional temperature loads with special values for those grid points?


By checking an older DIAG file I could see that also in former times when the meshes had to be identical not all grid points get temperature values from my OP2 file with the real temperature distribution.


How can I check the mapping success? - Are there elements in SOL153 (RBE2/RBE3 core nodes) which don't have temperature values?


Who can help?


Best wishes, Michael


Re: Temp distribution for SOL101 from op2 only partial

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Siemens Phenom

What do you mean by "mapping onto my SOL 101 mesh"? How are you doing this?


In general, every node in the model must have a temperature defined. If a node does not have a temperature explicitly defined on a TEMP card, then the default temperature (TEMPD) for the temperature set will be used for that node.


Re: Temp distribution for SOL101 from op2 only partial




sorry for answering late but here in Germany we had public holidays an Thursday with a day off work afterwards.


With "Mapping" I mean transferring my heat transfer results (OP2 file) onto my static solution model.

I did describe both in the same SIM file and I did hope that nothing did change relating to grid point numbers, but who knows ;-)



My simulations last for a long time already and Heat transfer was one of the first aspects of simulation I did examine. Now Temperature distribution is only on part of loading the structure for other aspects of simulation/solution.


What you said is exactly what I did suppose but can I define those temperature values calculated with heat transfer (and stored in OP2) only for a section of my grid points? - That's what I did unintended and I had no error. I have a definition of "Default Temperature" in my load cases.


Can I activate a parameter for listing the grid points getting their temperature values from TEMP(LOAD)/TEMPD? - That could help finding modifications in grid point numbers during my last weaks. - I don't want to recalculate heat transfer every time.


Best wishes, Michael