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Thermo-structural coupling with NX



I am trying to solve a thermal solution and structural deformation simultaneously.


I know I can map a thermal solution to a structural solution and use that temperature map as a pre-load after the fact that the thermal solution is completed. However, I need both to be coupled an solved simultaneously (or at least close to being simultaneous, transient analysis).

e.g. For time step 1, solve thermal solution as sub-steps --> feed solution to structural analysis --> solve structural solution as sub-steps --> feed solution for time step 2--> thermal solution for time step 2... etc....


It seems it is possible to do so in NX nastran. But I cannot find any steps for doing that. I tried using NX Nastran and NX Multiphysics. But both only allow me to do either a structural or thermal analysis separately.


Does anyone has any suggestion? Does it require any special license?


Thanks! Smiley Very Happy



Re: Thermo-structural coupling with NX

What version of NX are you using? We have major enhancements with multiphysics coming in NX 10. This includes the ability to run solves (thermal & structural) sequentially and concurrently. 


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Re: Thermo-structural coupling with NX

Thanks for your reply.

I am using NX9.0. When will NX 10 be available?

Re: Thermo-structural coupling with NX



It would also be good to know what element types and boundary conditions you are using as well. A general description of the problems you need to solve with it would help us.


The NX Multiphysics capabilities are being deployed through a multi-release effort. NX 9 was the initial release, and development efforts continue in versions 10 and 11. Initial support in NX 9 included 3D solid elements on the structural side and 2D and 3D solid elements on the thermal side.


NX 10 extends the support quite a bit and is currently in beta testing. The public release of NX 10 is near the end of 2014.





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Re: Thermo-structural coupling with NX

Dear Mark,


I'm trying to do a NX multi-physics thermo-mechanical analysis in NX 10.01. The problem that I'm facing is when I create a surface-to-surface contact, the NX Nastran solver fails, at the very first iteration time. How can I solve this. Help needed.


I have also attatched the error report for correspondence.





Re: Thermo-structural coupling with NX



Without seeing the model, I suspect it contains rigid body motion that isn't being eliminated by contact. I would try to get the model to run successfully with a linear statics solution and contact before moving on to multiphysics.




Re: Thermo-structural coupling with NX

Dear Mark, Thanks for the suggestion. The model is as shown above. 

I'm main aim is to obtain thermal strains as a result of thermal loads. Thermal loads are applied but i'm not able to upload them for structural solution. I'm using NX10.

Re: Thermo-structural coupling with NX

Are the solid meshes sufficiently constrained to remove rigid body motion?