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Transfer displacements from the face of one component to another

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Hello everyone!


I am trying to run a static structural analysis on a component that is part of an assembly. The problem I am having is that the constraint definitions are spread out over the entire assembly, for example Components 1 & 3 have faces that are constrained in the y and z directions, whereas Component 2 has faces that are constrained in the x-direction only. In the assembly file, these components are glued together so the whole assembly is constrained in all directions and would solve properly. However, Component 2 by itself would not be able to be run because it is not constrained in all directions. Simply fixing the interfaces between Component 2 and the other components in the y and z directions will enable the solve but the response is really quite different from the assembly response and thus does not reflect its true response.


What I'm trying to do now is to define enforced displacement constraints on these component-to-component interfaces in Component 2 in an attempt to mimic the effect that Components 1 and 3 have on Component 2. My question is that is there a convenient way to export the nodal displacements on a face as a field which I can subsequently apply to another face as a boundary condition? 


Assuming that this is done, I guess a follow-up question would be whether this resulting model is fully constrained and can it be solved? 


 Edit: Another possible method to transfer displacements could be by using the WAVE interface linker functionality, though I have not seen any examples that link post-simulation displacement responses from an assembly sim file to a component sim file.

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‎04-20-2017 06:55 AM

Re: Transfer displacements from the face of one component to another



Try to display results: Displacement (magnitude), then --> Identify Results --> choose type feature face and select desired face --> create filed. Now you can use it when defining enforced dislpacement.


You can also export the results to CSV file and later import it.


Hope it helps Smiley Happy

Re: Transfer displacements from the face of one component to another



Thanks for the help! Your method worked perfectly! The bit about using the CSV file was really useful too Smiley Very Happy